Child Custody and Visitation

Florida Joint Custody and Visitation Rights Attorneys

Custody and visitation is the chance for children to continue bonding with their parents following a divorce. We share the court’s focus on the best interests of the child at Woodard & Ferguson in Daytona Beach, Florida. We encourage our clients to do the same.

Encouraging Mediation, Not Litigation for Your Child Custody Case

Time spent with your children should be a top priority. Their emotional and physical well-being should be paramount in your post-divorce life. Dragging them into a court battle where child custody is in dispute is not in their best interests. At Woodard & Ferguson, we encourage divorcing couples to mediate custody disputes and not use their children as pawns in their arguments.

Mediation is the best means to a solution in child custody disputes. Subjecting your child to psychological profiles or courtroom testimony can do great damage. While litigation is sometimes the only option, it rarely is in the best interests of the children.

Seeking the Best Solutions for Your Entire Family

Focusing on the best interests of your child or children means that we will not use child custody as a means to reduce child support amounts. Parents have an obligation to care for their child in all ways, not trade off time for money. Our job as your advocate is to ensure the best custody and visitation schedule for all parties. That schedule should be based on nurturing relationships, not saving a few dollars every month.

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