Domestic Violence

Charged With Domestic Violence

At Woodard & Ferguson, we understand the far-reaching implications of domestic violence charges, and we take them extremely seriously. If you are facing criminal charges related to domestic violence, it is important to think about the criminal charges and the effects the allegations will have if your spouse divorces you and you have children.

If you are facing criminal charges related to domestic violence, protect your legal rights and contact our attorneys in Ormond Beach, Florida. We can provide you with the same prompt, caring and aggressive representation we have provided to countless other Daytona Beach-area residents.

Criminal Battery Charges Can Affect Your Divorce

As family law and criminal defense attorneys, we understand how delicately spousal abuse charges must be handled. Depending on how the charges are handled, you could be facing consequences such as:

  • Jail
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Loss of child custody
  • Loss of visitation or only receiving supervised visitation rights
  • A restraining order or injunction that prevents you from entering your own home

Many people facing charges such as these are tempted to accept a quick plea deal in a misguided attempt to "put the charges behind them." This, however, could be used against you in divorce and child custody determination proceedings, meaning how you resolve these charges is important.

Contact our law firm, Woodard & Ferguson, as soon as you are charged. It is important that you exercise your right to remain silent instead of trying to talk yourself out of charges. Let us handle the difficult legal work for you. Call 386-677-0822 or 888-828-3716 today.


Choosing the right lawyer could make the difference in you maintaining your freedom and parental rights. With more than 50 years of combined experience among our attorneys, our law firm is best-suited to provide you with the right representation.