Domestic Violence

Daytona Beach, Florida, Domestic Violence Attorneys

At Woodard & Ferguson in Daytona Beach, Florida, we bring unique experience coupled with an aggressive approach in domestic violence cases. Abuse victims must be protected. False charges must be defended.

Unique Experience and Insight into Domestic Violence

One of our founders, attorney Katherine F. Woodard is an attorney for the Coalition Against Domestic Violence. That insight has helped her defend clients who are either filing orders of protection or disputing an allegation of domestic violence. She understands the various technicalities involved in determining if violence occurred between two people.

Filing for Protective Orders Quickly to Protect You

Whether you are the victim of assault and battery or fear violence in your own home, you are entitled to protection. At Woodard & Ferguson, we will work quickly to file a domestic violence injunction in the local courts. Even if you are only dating the abuser, an order of protection may still be needed to ensure your safety.

Victims of False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Many clients come to us the victims of false allegations of domestic violence. Sadly, these accusations are often used as part of a pending divorce proceeding. One spouse may want more child support or less visitation. When that happens, we bring the facts to light and hold the accuser accountable for their false statements. Far too much is at stake.

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