Spousal Support/Alimony

Daytona Beach Spousal Support and Divorce Attorneys

At Woodard & Ferguson in Daytona Beach, Florida, we recognize that money matters can make a cooperative divorce contentious. That includes the process of determining alimony payments.

Determining Financial Needs and Ability to Pay

Spousal support does not have the strict calculations found in determining child support. Spousal support is paid based on the financial needs of one spouse and the ability to pay by the other. Following a divorce, the spouse receiving alimony is entitled to the lifestyle and he or she enjoyed during the marriage.

Identifying the Appropriate Type of Alimony

There are various forms of alimony based those needs and abilities, including:

Temporary or Permanent Periodic – This form of alimony is favored for long-term marriages.

Rehabilitative – This gives the spouse an opportunity to become self-supporting through training and other means to find a career.

Bridging the Gap – This is alimony that helps a spouse for a certain amount of time to become financially stable.

Length of the Marriage is a Factor

Alimony amounts are determined based on the length of the marriage. One spouse may have put their career on hold to tend to the household and care for the children. The longer a couple was married, the more alimony is paid out to the spouse who made that sacrifice. At Woodard & Ferguson, we work with our clients to resolve the matter short of litigation. Mediation is a preferred option, but sometimes the courtroom will get us the best resolution.

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