No Kitten Around: Modern Law Takes Real Practice

Does this face look familiar? A recent virtual court livestream turned viral due to a Zoom filter mishap. It can happen to any of us.

A year ago at this time, most people didn’t even know what Zoom was, let alone have to use the app as a primary communication and work tool. Fast forward through a pandemic-stricken, socially distant 2020 and early 2021, virtual communication is the norm. It’s essential in fact.

Businesses, schools and other entities around the globe have moved meeting and greeting protocols to a digital plane. Courts of law, too, have had to evolve how they process trials and settle legal matters.

While these online meeting platforms serve a necessary purpose, anyone who uses/has used them knows there is a learning curve. Biggest issues normally revolve around:

  • the mute button (where it is; how to actually use it)
  • knowing if your camera is on (and where to look)
  • talking over each other (“Sorry, what did you say?”)
  • bizarre backgrounds and filters

Speaking of filters, a recent virtual court hearing in Texas went viral thanks to a particularly hairy technical difficulty. Ah, so many icons and links to click. Let the fun begin …

But seriously, the attorney at the center of the conference call cat-astrophe has fully embraced the folly and is making the best of it. The Internet continues to have fun with the “cat lawyer” laugh, too.  

And hey, that’s okay. The real lesson here is that we are all human, dealing the best we can through uncertain, disruptive times.

And despite having to proceed in new and even unorthodox, confusing ways to do our job in litigation, the goal remains the same — no matter if we’re on screen or in person — to help find justice for all.

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