Drug Crimes

Drug Crime Attorneys Serving The Daytona Beach Area

While many states have taken steps to relax some drug laws and their punishments for a conviction, Florida definitely has not, making a strong defense a necessity if you are facing drug charges.

Our attorneys at Woodard & Ferguson know what it takes to protect your rights, and they will provide you with the prompt, caring and aggressive representation they provide to countless other Daytona Beach-area residents.

The Rise Of Synthetic Drugs Has Led To More Prosecutions

In a tourist-heavy area of Florida like the Daytona Beach region, our lawyers have seen more and more arrests involving synthetic drugs, including bath salts and spice. Additionally, arrests for “molly,” a drug derived from Ecstasy, are quite common.

Additionally, prosecutors are prone to overcharging when it comes to drug offenses. For example, being caught with drugs in your car could lead to drug trafficking or distribution charges. Our lawyers — including former prosecutor Katherine F. Woodard — know how to level the playing field against the state. They can gather evidence, conduct an investigation and consult with witnesses in an attempt to reduce or dismiss your charges through the motions process.

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Here in Florida, even an arrest and conviction for simple drug possession of a small amount can have disastrous, life-altering consequences. These will stay on your record, meaning they may come back to haunt you if you have to pass a background check for employment, housing, college admission or military enlistment.