Power Of Attorney

Helping You Make Power Of Attorney Decisions

An important part of your comprehensive estate plan will be granting power of attorney to another person or persons if you can no longer make decisions for yourself, due to your physical or mental health.

This is an important, difficult designation to grant, which is why you should consult with experienced estate planning attorneys first. Our lawyers at Woodard & Ferguson pride themselves on providing compassionate legal representation to all of our clients, and they can provide you with the guidance you need.

We Can Answer Your Questions About A Durable Power Of Attorney

In Florida, a durable power of attorney designation is used to grant authority to someone to make decisions on your behalf when you are incapacitated. Usually, a power of attorney designee will make decisions regarding your:

  • Finances: Your designee will be in charge of paying your bills and managing investments. This will involve turning over control of bank and investment accounts.
  • Health care: This can include the type of medical treatment you receive and which doctors you see, if you do not have a health care directive.  
  • Welfare: Your designee will make decisions about your life, including where you live, which could be in a nursing home. This could also include selling assets, such as your home, to pay for your medical care.


Let Our Lawyers Help You Make This Important Decision

Because your durable power of attorney designee will have broad sway over your life, it is important to safeguard against possible abuses. You will benefit from our knowledge on this subject when deciding who to grant this power to and how to tailor his or her responsibilities to protect your interests.

You will, understandably, have questions. Contact our law firm in Ormond Beach, Florida, at 386-677-0822 or 888-828-3716 if you would like to speak with one of our lawyers about power of attorney designations.