Child Support

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Whether married or divorced, both parents have an obligation to ensure that their children are cared for financially. At Woodard & Ferguson in Daytona Beach, Florida, our job is to protect our clients’ rights and look out for the best interests of their children.

We Help Determine Child Support Amounts

In the state of Florida, there are strict child support guidelines and calculations based on Florida statutes. A child support calculator is used to factor in income, expenses, child custody and visitation time. From there, an amount is generated for one spouse to pay. But that may not be the final amount based on a variety of factors, not to mention potential disputes. We can advocate for you in these child support matters.

We Uncover Hidden Finances and Assets

At Woodard & Ferguson, we want to ensure that all the data entered into the child support calculator is accurate. When one spouse is self-employed or the owner of a business, more in-depth review is necessary, sometimes by forensic accountants. If one spouse is hiding income, we work hard to discover the actual amounts to ensure that your child is properly cared for financially.

Help with Child Support Modifications

A child support agreement is not set in stone. Even after the divorce decree is finalized, modifications remain a possibility. Careers change and income can significantly increase. A mother can relocate to another area, increasing travel costs for the father and subsequently reducing his child support obligations. Again, our job is to get to the facts in modifying a child support order.

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