Ormond Beach, Florida Paternity and Visitation Attorneys

When a child is born to an unmarried couple, paternity becomes a necessity. A mother may want support. A father may want to see his child. At Woodard & Ferguson in Daytona Beach, Florida, we represent clients  involved in contentious orders of paternity.

Determining the Paternity of Your Child

Both parents should have some type of relationship with their child. Sometimes, to establish that relationship, we need to determine paternity. The scientific results quickly quiet the disputes of a father or a mother. From there, a paternity case is very similar to a divorce action. Child support amounts and visitation agreements are determined.

Paternity Cases Rife with Emotion

At Woodard & Ferguson, we understand the emotional elements of a paternity test. Our job is to get to the facts. Lives are changed with one single document that forever links a father with a child. Paternity can establish relationships or irreparably tear them apart. With that in mind, we represent our clients with great compassion and understanding of their situation.

Do Not Delay in Establishing Paternity of a Child

If you are a purported father or the biological mother trying to prove the identity of your baby’s father, contact us immediately. Time is of the essence on a paternity action. Both fathers and mothers have rights. Your child may be entitled to not only financial support, but also quality time in the form of visitation.

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