Property Division

Property Division In Florida

If you and your spouse decide to divorce, the process of dividing your assets and debts can become quite contentious, because you and your spouse likely both want to secure what is “fair.”

Florida is known as an “equitable distribution” state, but that does not mean that all of your assets will be equally split. At Woodard & Ferguson  in Ormond Beach, our lawyers can provide you with the guidance you need to get through this complicated process.

Helping You Resolve Your Family Law Disputes As Amicably As Possible

One of the most important parts of the property division process is determining the true value of assets and whether they are marital or nonmarital. We work with appraisers, business valuation experts and forensic accountants to locate assets and determine how much they are worth.

If you and your spouse have accrued a great deal of assets, you could be facing a dispute over items such as:

  • Properties, including your marital home, a beach home or rental properties
  • Pension benefits and retirement assets
  • Business ownership interests
  • Luxury assets, such as cars, electronics, art and jewelry
  • Investment income

In most disputes, it may make more sense to sell many of these assets and split the proceeds, giving you both a chance to start fresh. An amicable settlement like this can save you both time and money. If you cannot reach agreement, however, our family law attorneys have the litigation experience you need to help you effectively pursue your fair share.

Contact Woodard & Ferguson whether you are pursuing a contested divorce or you and your spouse need compassionate, experienced legal help to get you through the process quickly. We can help you negotiate a settlement that protects your best interests and allows you to look toward the future in a positive way.