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While divorce decrees are considered the final word in the end of a marriage, certain circumstances warrant a revisiting of the decree. At Woodard & Ferguson  in Daytona Beach, Florida, we help clients with the legal and emotional aspects of one parent relocating.

Modifying Divorce Decrees

If you are looking to modify a divorce decree, contact Woodard & Ferguson. You may want to move or your spouse may have found a job in another state. These matters are extremely delicate and rife with emotion. It could mean the difference in how much time one parent spends with their children.

Attending to the Legal and Emotional Elements of a Relocation

We have experience in drafting relocation petitions when there are no objections and in arguing these cases when one party objects to the relocation. The courts will make their decision on relocation based on the best interests of the child. If the move is beneficial to the child and allows one parent to move to make more money, a judge will usually approve the relocation.

Child custody and child support agreements will be modified to reflect changes in income and the increase in distance between a child and their parent. We will seek the best custody arrangement based on the long distance with more concentrated time over summer breaks and holidays. Travel expenses will become a factor in a new child support decree.

Fighting an Ex-Spouse’s Relocation

If you are seeking to fight a relocation, your best defense is being a good and attentive parent. You may have played a vital, post-divorce role in your child’s life and the relocation does more harm than good. We will diligently fight on your behalf to protect your rights as a parent and the best interests of the child.

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