Stay in Your Lane! ‘Stupid Motorist Law’ Might Be Closer Than It Appears

Here in Florida, we’re no stranger to natural disasters. Hurricanes Ian and Nicole last fall are prime examples. More often than not, people don’t use the best judgement when navigating around roads that become impassible due to debris or flooding. Emergency services are then called to the rescue in many of these instances. But, at what cost?

A new law that recently passed in Arizona (“Stupid Motorist Law”) might be on its way to Florida. According to news reports, Volusia County Council members are considering whether to adopt the measure. [Update as of June 21, 2023: The Volusia County Council has passed the law].

So, what is the Stupid Motorist Law

It authorizes a driver to be charged with the costs of an emergency response if they become stranded after maneuvering around barricades to enter a flooded street or highway. In Arizona, a driver found in violation is “liable for a charge of no more than $2,000 to cover the emergency response services.”

Check out a recently aired news segment on the topic.

In order to adopt a law like that here (or any law for that matter), multiple steps would still need to happen. There are multitudes of nuances and loads of language and other potential loopholes to be considered and approved. Stay tuned and stay safe on the roads. 

What do you think of this law? Do you think it’s needed here in Florida?

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