Why Laws of the Land Cannot Rest in a Pandemic

Empty courtrooms have been the norm during the coronavirus crisis. The legal system continues to press on with the help of modern tech and more.

The coronavirus has upended everything in our lives. Tasks once mundane now require planning, methodical execution and often personal protective equipment. Amid all the disruption and building frustration surrounding the sickness, we know your legal matters aren’t subject to staying in quarantine.

Luckily, the court systems have been working to adjust in this age of social distancing. But delays in arraignments, hearings and trials are likely to persist for quite awhile. So now we wait … But for how long?

According to the most recent administrative order from Florida Supreme Court Justice Charles Canady, jury trials won’t resume until at least July. On the other hand, he also ordered hearings and other court business to be conducted remotely. This would include non-jury trials (if all parties agree), some arraignments, status and motion hearings as well as pretrial conferences.

Needless to say, this is a big adjustment in protocol, but a necessary one to move forward. This could be the “new normal” for some time to come. Courts in every state are proceeding into new territory. Just this past week, the nation’s Supreme Court conducted its first-ever hearing by phone. It was live-streamed, too!

And talk about a case of art imitating life, the CBS court drama “All Rise” just aired an episode depicting what we’re talking about here: virtual justice in a coronavirus world.

During this turbulent time, our work continues on your behalf. It has never stopped. Whether it’s help with parental visitation rights (which we’ve seen a spike lately with stay-at-home orders confusion), estate planning and more, we’re still just a phone call or a click away. Let’s continue to stay connected, even while apart.

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